What is Glamourbilly?

Glamourbilly /ˈglam-ər-bil-ē/ noun

An elegant hillbilly. Someone with a deep appreciation for vintage objects who is simultaneously attracted to bling. A spirited person (typically a female, but hey, not always) who values individuality and is not afraid to express their unique personal style.

Glamourbilly is an eclectic line of jewelry made by combining vintage and modern pieces that are fun to wear and loaded with charm.  It's all about giving a second life to beloved items from the past.  

Most of the vintage elements used are jewelry such as old brooches, upcycled necklaces, reclaimed beads. But sometimes unexpected objects such as keys, watches, pocket knives, medicine tins, safety pins, and toys are founds in Glamourbilly pieces. It's the unexpected, kitschy items that sometimes bring the most joy.  

Materials for Glamourbilly jewelry are gathered from flea markets, antique stores, thrift shops, and trinkets given by friends and family.  Every Glamourbilly necklace is a one-of-a-kind, bears the name of a country song, and is made in Manhattan, USA.

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Glamourbilly in Jewelry Affaire, Spring 2017