Custom Designs

The ultimate in personalized jewelry!  

Lots of Glamourbilly customers have treasured jewelry or small trinkets hanging around that they never wear, but just can't let go.  Maybe it's Mom's clip-on earrings...or Grandma's brooch...or a charm bracelet you wore to the skating rink every weekend of your life in the mid-80s that looked so good with your jelly shoes and stirrup pants.  (I'm speaking from experience here...)

What if we took those sentimental pieces and turned them into something modern that you could wear right now?  If you have something in mind, I want to know about it!  Also, a custom design makes a great gift...just sayin'.

Here's how custom designs work:

  1. Email me.  Send me a message to tell me what treasures you want to use, and add a photo if you can.  We'll exchange a couple messages to talk about your style, any ideas you have, and determine if I can create something with your pieces.
  2. Purchase on Etsy.  If we decide to create your custom jewelry I'll publish a reservation for you on Etsy.  You'll need to purchase the piece before we get started.
  3. Send me your bling.  You'll need to mail your baubles to me.  I recommend UPS or FedEx so you can insure and track your package.
  4. See mockups of your jewelry.  When I receive your items, I'll squirrel them away in my workshop where I'll pair them with chains and beads and other baubles that I have on hand (this is the fun part!).  I'll send you photos of ideas and ask your opinion.  
  5. Finished product delivered!  Once we settle on a style, I'll put it all together, and ship it back to you so you can wear it with much joy!

What if I don't have my own bling to send?

No worries, Glamourbilly!  If there is a certain look or theme you're interested in, but don't have your own materials, just ask me.  I might have something that fits the bill already, or I can source it from other places.  I have many tricks up my sleeve. :)

Contact me to get started on your custom design!

Custom Design Samples
Click the photos below for descriptions of a few custom Glamorbilly pieces.
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