Meet the Team


Shannon Brown
Chief Bling Officer

Hi, folks, I'm Shannon.  I'm a native West Virginian that's called New York City home for the past 20 years. I'm a UX designer for Teradata by day, lead singer for a country band Trailer Radio by night, and now a jewelry designer on weekends. I suppose I'll rest on major holidays (as though...)

I started Glamourbilly after a trip to a flea market yielded yet another vintage brooch that was destined to rot in my jewelry box.  I love the history that vintage pieces bring, but they never seemed to fit into my day-to-day style. So through trial and error, and dozens of Pinterest tutorials and YouTube videos, I've learned to craft modern, wearable pieces from vintage bling.  

The materials for my designs start with vintage items (a brooch, mismatched earrings, broken necklaces, toys, tins, knives, watches, whatever I can fit onto a necklace).  The items come from flea markets, antique or thrift shops, or are given to me by family, friends, or even strangers who have found me through social media.  It's not uncommon for someone to meet me in a park and hand me a ziplock baggie of discarded bits of jewelry kinda like a crack dealer, but generally with nicer handbags.  :)

I delight in making unique jewelry for gals who walk that fine line between down-home country and big city sparkle. Like me!



Executive Assistant, Brand Ambassador, Silent Partner

Jolene is a woman of few words.  But her perfect posture and keen sense of style make her a key contributor to the success of the Glamourbilly enterprise.

She was made in China, but has called New York City home since 2016.  She is regularly spotted in and around upper Manhattan modeling the latest, greatest Glamourbilly styles and charming the locals.